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Housetraining your new puppy and don’t want to throw the soiled training pads in your household trash? Using diapers on your aging pet? Looking for a convenient place to dispose of waste bags after walking your dog? The NEW Pet Genie pet waste disposal system perfectly holds waste and locks away odor to help keep your home smelling fresh and clean. No more daily trips to the trash.
Lock Odor Away!
Easy To Discard Pet Waste Disposal Pail
The Pet Genie Pail

The Pet Genie Pail conveniently and compactly holds your soiled dog waste bags, potty pads, and dog diapers until you’re ready to bring them to the trash. It’s as easy as opening the top and dropping the waste past the clamp into the bag. Keep waste in the pail until it’s full and ready to bring to the trash, all while locking odors away so your house smells fresh.

the Pet Genie Refills

Pet Genie Refills contain a seven-layer bag with barrier technology to help lock away odor and germs. Need more convincing? Pet Genie refills are 4,000 times more effective at blocking air than single layer trash bags. * ** The 7 layers in the Pet Genie refill work together to help contain odors & messes in the pail.

* vs. The highest selling sku’s of monolayer branded trash bags
** Based on the oxygen transmission rate of monolayer film vs. Pet Genie
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